This issue - September 2018 - Great News - Lost property - The coppice - Plans for thousands of homes built on the grounds of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground - Autumn events - Council update - Spreading the love - Memberships, breakfast not in bed @10am sundays. 

Great News:

During the past few months, together the friends have:

Held a few events, rented numerous toilets, cleared and cleaned the park and improved areas for the longer term.

Created a positive vibe around the area which is reaching out to locals, how do we know this? Most of the members regularly receive comments about how nice things are and how more enjoyable our space is, which has a knock-on effect in a myriad of ways.


Over the coming couple of weeks, we are going to finish off the coppice, tidy and improve the Memorial gate in preparation of Remembrance Sunday.

Lost property:

We have a selection of lost property found around the grounds which ranges from a Medal to a ladies upper underwear (known as a bra), kids toys, several bikes. All the bikes have now been collected or removed the Bra was thrown away as we do not expect anyone to claim it, the toys have now been collected but the medal is still looking for it’s owner.

The coppice:

This area is coming along but we need a final push (ALL HELP WELCOMED THIS SUNDAY) The coppice was first created as a gift from a local shop in the form of a few trees, however after a time of beauty it fell into a state of disrepair and quickly started to be used for sex drugs and sleeping, even though it is also used as a toilet, which is unhealthy, dangerous for children and was covered with human faeces. We could either moan to the council and hear the cry of we are skint again or do it ourselves.

Plans for thousands of homes planned on the grounds of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground

Once we have finished the coppice, the friends will be installing a bug hotel (BUSINESS SPONSOR REQUIRED), which is designed to compensate the existing natural habitat that we removed and will create a generally healthier and used safe space for the longer term.

 The work we are doing is in conjunction with advice from Simon (our local area google of all things bugs and wild life in our parks)

Autumn events

We have now published some events for the autumn

Council update:

Thank you for the many many comments and questions regarding what’s going on with the council?

Presently we believe that the discussions going on are slow but definitely in the right direction and we are hoping to publish an update in the next few days. Due to the holiday and people getting back to work this has stalled things.


Wow the first year has now pasted and what a year

Please consider renewing your membership as every penny is doing great work.

  • Via cash – Please see Lorna
  • We have two prices either £5 per year for a family or £10 - You choose it’s the same membership
  • Either auto renewal or one-off payments and available

Breakfast Not in Bed @ 10am Sundays
This is a friendly meet up by a few people who simple enjoy the time in the park drinking a cup of tea and chatting with other locals, why not consider join us one week and say hello.

For those that do not know, Breakfast is FREE everything is donated by locals and personally from the friends (not the groups monies, not the groups funds, but from individuals, no groups funds are used in the eating of the rolls).

This is not about money, it’s about the chill, come on over one Sunday, join us for a cup of tea and maybe a bacon or egg roll and say hello.

Facebook - Click here to join our FACEBOOK group

The council keep bleating they have no money for parks, the police seem overrun with shortages in officers, but what difference to that make to our small space.

Do we have only two choices, put up or shut up? The answer in no, there is a third choice! Get involved. We are creating a cobweb of volunteer people who have created groups that take care of different areas the park that requires attention, and these groups also cover the local area to the park because it is the same.

The friends groups look after areas of security (locking the gates – going to police neighbourhood meetings) to maintaining the health of some areas of the park all resulting in an uplift of our general area.

Please consider donating to the friends

MOST IMPORTANT REQUEST >>> PLEASE consider volunteering, you are required to do nothing other than what you want to do, even if you just join us for a cup of tea one morning, come and find out what we are up to.   


NEWSLETTER RUBBISH? Thank you for reading this far...... do you think you would like to write our newsletter and stop this drivel being written? Please consider volunteering some time, you will be rewarded in happiness and tea.


Contact us.