When you click read more please look at the letter sent to The Friends, this is an ultimate testament to how well people can and do achieve things together. It is a proud and happy feeling to live in an area with so many nice people.

The sports day mentioned in the letter was a real uplift for all involved, The Friends supplied cold drinks and ice pops as it was a nice thing to do and this helped make it a more relaxed day for everyone. We also rented Toilet’s for the children to use. (Sorry to mention this again, but Council Officers and several Councillors and others read this)

Which nicely brings up the situation with Toilet use: and the hundreds of pounds wasted

Over the past few days we had several meetings take place and number of people have been working towards finding a fairer solution, for those who might not be aware of the issues The Friends Of Harrow Weald have been dealing with a situation where all the grounds facilities are controlled by a minority at the exclusion of the majority.

It seems that with all the staff movement over the past few years has led us to a place where the council created a contract that crossed several departments, this was the nightmare we have been trying to untangle. The councillors and Council Offices have so far been very helpful and swift in trying to work together (busy diaries) to find a quick and working solution to solve the issues.

Behind the scenes there has been a list of professionals people who have offered help which is staggering, including many local diehards who support The Friends. The overall support we have been afforded would create an interesting list and this page would read like a roll call, we must also mention at this stage we have also been afforded some interesting and unexpected support from within Harrow Council and further afield.

So, what started out looking like a battle is merely just a reorganisation and complex negotiation of the recent past and a great chance to all move forward.
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Events –
The last event was our Music in the park with a picnic, this was a really lovely and relaxed day for many, lots of people got involved to both make this happen and attend.

We have a few events planned over the coming weeks but due to time not being our friend we are behind, some of the organising has started but we have not yet publishing information.

We are also planning a secret lock one night for members only (This is a real shush and quiet one as we do not want the authorities to find out that we might have some fun in the park). Only paid up members will be informed of the dates and details.

Breakfast not in bed @ 10 PM – Unfortunately we have had to suspend this for a couple of weeks dues to unforeseen circumstances (29th July & 5th August)

Membership - Membership details here

We have updated the membership pages as many people told us that the payment was asking for a repeat payment, which was a subscription (Sorry to anyone who was put out)

There are now three membership options

1. One year not auto renewed
2. One year with auto renewal after one year
3. Donation, which includes one-year membership

Our next meeting is 6th August all invited http://harrowweald.co.uk/friends-events/event/111-friends-meeting

We will be announcing the way forward regarding the purposed Nursery in the Pavilion by expanding and highlighting the areas which has been helpful and the brick wall’s we still need to work on removing.

The Friends are looking for volunteers for some the projects we are working towards over the coming months, if you would like to spare some time to help uplift Harrow Weald, please either contact us or come to our next meeting, young and old will be made very welcome, whether you volunteer or not.

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