The Forest

February has been a very busy month. We have organised and added lots of events to the website, welcomed many new admin volunteers and finalised many projects for the year ahead.


Following the latest meeting of the Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground we are pleased to report:

There has been a general reduction in crime in the area, together with the neighbouring area of Wealdstone. To help improve this situation, the police will continue to carry out speed camera checks within our area. In January 2019 forty-three warning letters were sent to drivers who were travelling over the designated speed limit. This means that in future, if they are caught speeding in any area of London, they will receive a fine.

Fly tipping has also been a problem in Old Redding at the Viewpoint car park. This is also being taken in hand with the installation of new gates that will be manned by council staff and volunteers.

Plans are continuing for the setting up of a community café and social centre in Harrow Weald Recreation ground, which is something we are following closely, and will provide updates on in the near future.

Residents of Harrow Weald and the surrounding areas may soon be able to benefit from the setting up of a Dinosaur mini golf facility and additional car parking planned for the area of the Roger Bannister Sports Centre.




WOODIES (example spotlight)

We offer a great selection of wooden replacement heads for those special people whose head are full of sawdust. we are a local company offering a national service for people with sawdust in their heads



Link to our projects that could be most suitable for targeting your business.



The recent quiz night was well supported and, as well as being enjoyed by all, has helped to add to the funds for future events.

This SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY please join us for our Monthly Super Sunday Breakfast Not in Bed at 10.00am.

Breakfast is free, but we would appreciate volunteers to help with litter picking, general cleaning up of paths and the tennis courts and helping with various types of planting.

In future these meet ups will be scheduled to take place on the Sunday morning following the regular monthly meetings, which are held at the Memorial Hall on the second Monday of the month.

As summer approaches the frequency of the Sunday volunteer mornings will increase, along with the increased use of the park areas.

To help the Group to make best use of the volunteers who have kindly approached us offering to lend a hand, we aim, through our specific volunteer groups, to direct everyone in the best way possible. If you wish to volunteer in any way, please contact the group by email.

20th FEBRUARY at the Memorial Hall Curry night with Whist Drive. You do not need to be an expert at whist, as help will be provided. It is designed to be a fun night.


23rd MARCH at the Memorial Hall The Blue Measures will be playing live from around 8.30pm. The tickets are FREE entrance is via tickets only, so please be quick to let us know if you wish to attend.


Membership was due for renewal in January and runs for a calendar year. For those renewing or wishing to join the Friends, the annual membership fee is £5.00 per individual and £10.00 per family.

In future, one of the benefits of being a member of the Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground will be that you will have early notification of events taking place. As some past events have been oversubscribed this will prove to be an important benefit. In addition on occasion there will be reduced price ticket and other perks, apart from enjoying being part of the group. Watch this space for further information.


We aim to provide each child in Harrow Weald schools with a pot and some seeds, to help them to learn more about the pleasure that growing and nurturing plants and wildlife can bring.

We will be including a small leaflet detailing information about the nature and wildlife in the park.

To achieve this aim we need to find individuals, or a supplier, who can donate the pots to allow this to happen. We will be delighted to hear from anyone who may have a stock of pots they wish to donate. Contact us if you can help