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Rimowa Salsa Delux Multiwheel 63 Litre Suitcase Oriental Red Electronic Tag

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SALSA DELUXE collection has even more to offer.

SALSA DELUXE collection has even more to offer.

As a further development of the world's first polycarbonate suitcase SALSA, the SALSA DELUXE collection presents a convincing combination of the outstanding advantages associated with this high-tech material: minimum weight with maximum robustness.

Luxury features like the telescopic handle with no pre-set stages and the noise-reduced wheel system make every trip a comfortable experience. Also, additional luggage can be attached direc- tly to the Add-a-Bag Holder integrated into the suitcase shell for even greater convenience. The SALSA DELUXE 3-Suiter features two chambers to keep your clothing separate from your other travel items. Even greater convenience is provided by SALSA DELUXE HYBRID, an innovative combination of polycarbonate and durable keprotecå¨, reinforced with Kevlarå¨ brand fibres.* The spacious front pockets on this luxury version ensure your important travel items are within reach at all times ‰ÛÒ without having to open the suitcase.

Flying with RIMOWA suitcases with even greater comfort and speed. The digital RIMOWA Electronic Tag luggage product makes it possible to check your suitcase in from anywhere and then hand it over at the airport within seconds.

Download the RIMOWA App free of charge and use it to activate and personalize the RIMOWA Electronic Tag.
The airline's own app will identify the personalized piece of luggage. The data on the booked flight will be sent to the selected luggage by Bluetooth.
The details will be shown on the integrated Electronic Tag display.
he suitcase is now checked in and can be dropped off at the airport within seconds.
See www.rimowa-electronictag.com for more information.

63 Litres

Weight 5.2
Volume 63 Litres
Dimensions 831.63.53.5


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