One Off Events

One Off Events

The Friends organised and hold many different events during the year.

2018 We held events from music, to dogs, picnics to drinking mulled wine on a Sunday morning, many of these events were organised using a single tap and one single 13amp fuse, renting toilets and first aid teams all paid for via donations, local business support and you the locals, so a big thank you goes out to all involved, all who attended and especially to our volunteers who bring these events together.

We already have many more events planned and are hoping to bring as much happinnnnnnnneesss to as many people as possible.

2019 We have a tremendous selection of events from our Survey last year and feedback from the people who came, this year thanks to Harrow Councils support we do not have to pay for toilets or first aid teams which means we have more money for events.

Events will start appearing here Late January 2019  


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