Projects Overview

  • Sensory Garden


    In September 2019 the opening of a new community café, on the site of the existing disused toilet block, adjacent to the bus garage, will be taking place.  There are now additional plans for the installation of a beautiful sensory garden around the café area.

    £ 4200.00 Raised
    £ 9600.00 Goal
    43.75% Donated
    1 Donor
    100 Days Left
  • Bat and Birds Home


    There are plans in progress to install bat and bird boxes in the park, with online facilities, allowing locals to view their activities.

    £ 1500.00 Raised
    £ 4225.00 Goal
    35.50% Donated
    1 Donor
    42 Days Left
  • Pergola and Tunnel


    We are planning to create a pergola and tunnel, where people can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and cake, or whatever other item from the community café might appeal, surrounded by the scent of the flowers and shaded from the sun.  Of course, it might be raining, but we’re confident the food will live up to expectations and the experience will still be enjoyable!

    £ 700.00 Raised
    £ 4000.00 Goal
    17.50% Donated
    1 Donor
    66 Days Left
  • Mesh Network


    A mesh network is a collection of routers and repeaters that are bound together to create a wide area network for use around the grounds.  Once this network is complete it will allow us to connect to some of the bird and bat box cameras and other wildlife related cameras that we need to install in the park.

    £ 400.00 Raised
    £ 3750.00 Goal
    10.67% Donated
    1 Donor
    57 Days Left
  • The Lych Gate

    This area is the very reason we can choose what we do! 

    There are plans to landscape this area and create a flower garden, as well as adding a peaceful seating area, which will generally uplift both the inside and outside aspects of this park entrance.

    £ 600.00 Raised
    £ 3200.00 Goal
    18.75% Donated
    1 Donor
    42 Days Left
  • Maintenance


    Projects Running costs - This are ongoing non recoverable costs we incur, all help really appreciated:

    £ 800.00 Raised
    £ 3750.00 Goal
    21.33% Donated
    1 Donor
    241 Days Left
  • Walking Paths


    Part of our funds have been allocated to implement 1k, 2k, 5k walks with integrated natural features, bug homes, places to stop and sit for the less stable.

    £ 1000.00 Raised
    £ 6000.00 Goal
    16.67% Donated
    1 Donor
    67 Days Left
  • New Signs

    To install high quality signage within the park with symbols and icons, for people whom both English is not their first language and people with learning disabilities or other literacy challenges where symbols can enhance independence.

    £ 1750.00 Raised
    £ 12000.00 Goal
    14.58% Donated
    1 Donor
    96 Days Left

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We thrive on goodwill and volunteers, alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

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