Long term and short term project's

The Metroline living wall 

    • A unique convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 
    • Metroline living wall project enables disabled people and/or older people to actively participate in the nature, arts and health and well-being opportunities.

Ongoing projects

    • A collection of greening, growing and environmental projects which brings together communities and improves the local environment for everyone.

Just nice projects “coz we can”

    • Teaching places by creating peaceful places where people can relax and talk to each other, using technology to help park nature and spark interest in younger people,
    • Funding the free drinking water that should be available everywhere

Recycling projects

    • Recycling is an important part of creating tomorrow’s parks today
    • Recycling water
    • Harnessing solar power where possible

Smart park opensource project

    • Opensource is one of the nicest economic eco systems with a community minded ethos that has come out of the internet.
    • Park groups are starved of money, often too small for grants or most groups just want to look after their own local parks.
    • The Friends have been developing a collection of free tools and services to help redirect relevent internet traffic and small sums of the money from the Internet directly to each park group.  


Expand community hub knowledge base

Centralise resources to help community groups to grow together equally.

Our research group has been compiling reports in several areas of Park Life

It is vitally important that we can show how important community groups working together is, and how by helping these groups transform areas.

Opensource Volunteer's wanted


As a small group of volunteers we are building and using technology to supply free tools to Park and community groups to expand their own reach online. Could you help?

OpenSource projects allow people to learn and share their skills for the community

Learn and Share Php, CSS, Graphics, Api’s, Databases, Mysql, Geotargeting, Writers, Tweakers, People with isms for getting things correct, Opensource projects, Linux, Networking, Load balancing, Social Media, Affiliates, Interpreters.

Share your skills, get involved with a local community opensource project help grow your knowledge, whilst helping others to learn

Volunteer your technical and non technical skills to a community project


Others find relevant helpful information


We invite you to join our team of developers to create a localised mapping system


Would you like to learn about building and growing an opensource project? From Marketing, developing, designing, graphics and presenting content is all required, if you would like to learn how it's all put together join our developers’ team and help build a community resource.

Skill sets used from basic to advanced

Php, CSS, Graphics, Api’s, Databases, Mysql, Geotargeting, Writers, Tweakers, People with isms for getting things correct, Opensource projects, Linux, Networking, Load balancing, Social Media, Affiliates, Interpreters. User point marketing systems for recording, goals and local business offers


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