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We are the friends you have not met yet, read about our mission and how what we do is healthy

Smart parks

Residents, business and community groups creating a cartwheel of cooperation.

Community groups

We would like to offer free services and online tools to help your community group.

The Friends Community shop 

All profits made through this shop go towards supporting our smart park goals as a registered UK charity.  

For community groups

Open a community shop without the hassle and associated costs. You could possibly generate a new source of income for your community group 

As a retailer / wholesaler 

Donating surplus or imperfect stock actually increases tax efficiency by transferring old stock into a cash charitable donation Read more

Do you have a few products that would be right for our shop? we are always looking for new supply partners 

For individuals

Donate your best second-hand clothes and small goods (and make a little profit for yourself).

Arrange collection, upload or drop your bag of donations off at one of our Harrow locations. Order a collection bag

When your items sells you can choose:

Get a credit to spend on in our charity shop

Opt for Amazon vouchers

You can also selection to donate some or all of the proceeds directly to your chosen community group. 


How it works!
1. Order a collection bag.
2. Arrange collection or drop off your bag at one of our locations.
Decided whether how to share the proceeds.


Are you a business that could sell products through our shop?
Are you a community group and would like to set up your own community shop?
We would like to find ways to work with you


We send out whatson, special offers, updates on projects and actions.

Whats on

You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!