Open source

Open source

Knowledge is the fountain of life, sharing is the gift that keeps giving:

This is a pet project because it offers real life skills to many, for those that do not know what open source is let me try and explain, PLEASE BE WARNED INITIALLY THERE IS NO NORMAL LOGIC)

Open source is a software product, built very well by developers and used by the world, from Governments, through to the smallest of businesses use the SAME products, millions of businesses use open source and we use open source to power our own websites and system and open source is FREE.

So here is the difference, Open Source reference to the licence which means it is free to use, free to tweak to your own needs and in most cases works straight out the box, some of the biggest names in the world use free shopping carts.

Open source user group: < Sharing the knowledge

From the different disciplines being Joomla, Wordpress and any other open source product, join other like minded people to learn, talk and meet each other, we all know the value of open source. Whatever your level of knowledge or age please let us know and we will find a learning solution for you

We will also be holding business open source information evenings if there is enough requests, also free!

This event is open to all

Little to no knowledge

Medium users

advanced users

This is aimed at:


Medium young

Older Young

Older that Colin

Local business

This is a free event held by the friends, it will start after our building in complete.

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