Alone we can do so little

Together we can do so much!

Harrow groups and community

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Activities and competitions in lockdown

We are finding way to join up community groups, local services and businesses around Harrow,

Harrow Community Support

The number above is for when no other options are available!

Working with stakeholders, including Harrow Council, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, Local businesses and most importantly Local residents towards creating smart community parks. Tomorrow’s parks today!

Our projects:

Aid building stronger communities

Improving access to local community groups

Changing the information flow

Smart Parks provide a unique opportunity for all parks and communities to become vibrant self-funding spaces that reduce costs on the public purse, with the following areas of interest running through everything:

Health and wellbeing of people
Health and wellbeing of nature
Social Inclusion
Financial and Environmental Sustainability

We believe parks and open spaces make the very best community centres when used correctly and in conjunction with Local Councils, who together help reduce the bottom line to us all in a number of different ways. 


Come and enjoy our park, which is also our office. As a community we have transformed our local park from a rat infested no go area, into a go to place and there is much more coming down line. Come on by and say hello!


Smart Parks provide a unique opportunity for parks and communities to become vibrant self-funding spaces that reduce costs on the public purse, with Financial and Environmental Sustainability running through everything:


This community information project is designed to unify and change the flow of information to the community. We are building a multi layered map to highlight and help locals find information in one place. Can you help?


In 2019 saw over 30 local Community Events, held several inclusive activities, organised wellbeing and educational projects, started the Harrow Community Hub and lots more, Business support makes everything work


We are in the early stages of developing our harrow community hub, opensource development club and learning project. Building a strong opensource community around Harrow.


Around Harrow are an amazing collection of community groups with a wide range of focuses. Made possible by the efforts of lots of caring and thoughtful people that choose to make a difference to others.


Everything we do, could not happen without our volunteers. Some events take months of planning and up to 15 volunteers and local business support. to make things work.


Members are people and businesses that choose to support our efforts via a contribution because they see value in what we are doing and by paying yearly or monthly contribution.