Welcome to our Park Tree project.

Learn about the trees around Harrow Weald Rec.

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One short and one long with map guides

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Trees help offset business and driving carbon.

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This project is a standalone project with end goals, it is also part of our bigger Metroline Living Wall project

Stage 1: Record and identify all the tree's in our park in picture and words (Completed and needed to be added online)

Stage 2: Create two educational walking routes around the tree's (Completed, wating for....)

Stage 3: Unleash a healthy longer term wellbeing program in harmony with humans and nature alike. (Planned and being baked)

All our projects are community based, we encourage and welcome your involvement.

Get your business seen

Community projects gets your business seen as part of the community.

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Volunteering your time and skill

We are looking for help on this and other projects

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We resell small goods

We take small items to sell online and use the proceeds to fund free community events, FREE drinking water and park projects to help nature.

We welcome any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items (such as earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones). We can make use of unwanted banknotes – old and new, from the UK or foreign sources, including all the pre-Euro notes and coins that are now otherwise worthless.


Outdoor furniture - Items for the Sensory Gardens - Items for Christmas events - Small benches - Medium size tables - Large games tables - Wood pallets - Rocks and gravel - Wood - Old or new railways sleepers - Wooden poles and fencing - Outdoor garden nic naks and odd things - Garden ornaments - Fountain equipment - Sea shells - Books, 4G Routers & Repeaters - Gardening equipment

We are looking for help on this and other projects

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Thank you for your support!