It would be impossible to mention the name of every volunteer.  We are all volunteers and every time one person says "Thank You!" it is aimed directly at ALL OUR WONDERFUL AWESOME AMAZING VOLUNTEERS.

We operate on a volunteer basis, as an inclusive group, with different goals and ideas, to make the local space better.  We are all equal. 


These people coordinate the various groups that help make everything work. Each group has a central information board for details, and you can join any group that you are interested in. Some groups are active, some health aware, or involved with park maintenance, while others provide information and advice. Each group needs coordination and that’s what these wonderful people do.

Events Team - Coordinator:

Cleaning & Maintenance: Coordinator:

History Harrow - Coordinator:

Biodiversity Group - Coordinator:


When something goes wrong, as it sometimes does, or when you just need a helping hand in a particular area, there are a handful of super, wonderful, calm and knowledgeable people who have a massive ‘Ok, no problem’ attitude to sorting out and resolving issues in the local community.

To help understand how important our go to people are: they cover first aiders, dedicated health and safety officers for events, photographers, historians, quizmasters, park champions, cake makers, those who help when the power shuts down, those who help us move something big and heavy. These people make up our healthy grapevine of volunteers and are the glue that makes sure things work.

Local Businesses: Admin team

Healthy Harrow Weald:

Crime and Anti Social: Admin team

Projects Group: Admin team


These people deal with the admin work, helping to coordinate events, liaise with the Council, deal with schedules, licences, grants, safety and insurance, compliance, public information and all the necessary paperwork that keeps us running.

Schools liaison: Admin team

Fund raisers / Grant writers: Admin team

Outreach: Admin team

Public engagement media: Admin team 

News editor: Admin team

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  We are fully registered with Harrow Council and the Charities Commission.