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Pergola and Tunnel


We are planning to create a pergola and tunnel, where people can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and cake, or whatever other item from the community café might appeal, surrounded by the scent of the flowers and shaded from the sun.  Of course, it might be raining, but we’re confident the food will live up to expectations and the experience will still be enjoyable!

Although this project is in the early stages and no set design has yet been developed, we are designing peaceful areas with a central games table, surrounded by living walls adorned with carefully selected flowers.   

This will be a place where people can join together to play games like backgammon, chess or draughts, read or just relax and watch the world go around.

This project: Designing and building a Pergola, with an intergrated tunnel covered with vines and flowers leading towards the Lych Gate


Peaceful place away from the elements
Sensory space to enjoy light snacks from the community hub
A place to play group games like backgammon /chess draughts’

Volunteers and expertise required: If you can help with this project please contact us


£700 has already been allocated for this project, but it is expected that the final cost of the groundwork, planting and all aspects necessary, will be closer to £4000.  All donations for this project are very welcome.



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£ 4000.00 Goal
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