Recycling is important to us

Everything we do is a work in progress, we're only human! We are striving to recycle everything!

(We make mistakes – that’s human – Learning from our mistakes that’s sensible!)

Our recycling plans involve a convergence of nature, technology, recycling, kindness and education, for the wellbeing of humans and bugs alike. 

Instead of throwing something away, everything we all do is connected!

We all share the same air and the same outcome in good times and bad.

So it’s important that we help each other to learn about the impact that recycling has, and to show how recycling offers good alternative ideas for dealing with waste.  There are many simple, fun ideas for dealing with waste, that are earth friendly and that many people are unaware of.

Instead of throwing something away, there are often good, overlooked alternatives

Tip: You can now buy everyday tea brands that offer 100% recyclable bags.  Some people, of course, already know this,       but others don’t.

Draft outline stage 1

Integrated recycling goals we have been planning and expect to start rolling out over the next few months include:

    • Minimising food waste
    • Operating the ParkLife Café food waste programme
    • Recycling water
    • Recycling gardening waste
    • Recycling and growing trees
    • Recycling garden tools, plants and pots
    • Litter recycling project
    • Recycled LTN’s (Lw Traffic Neighbourhood planters)
    • Recycling discarded materials
    • Reducing costs through recycling (EYES2020 TheGame!)
    • Recycle website traffic

Part of our ethos is to encourage reuse and retraining where possible!

Can you help?

We are looking for a few people with usable recycling knowledge to join our team looking at the areas of:

    • Nature
    • Technology
    • Recycling
    • Education
    • Wellbeing for plant life, bugs, and all the good things that this involves

Together we are creating something special.  If you would like to share your knowledge for an original community project with a difference, have fun and feel valued for your input, please contact us or pop in for a chat.