Do you have some spare wood or rocks, maybe you have a business with a surplus of products.

To create tomorrow’s parks today, we have had to look at things differently.

We are incredibly pleased (or actually massively excited) to announce that our lovely neighbours Metroline (Harrow Bus Garage) are working with us on an exciting community project.

Part of this project will see the recycling of 1000's of litres of water for community and nature's use.

Recycling is at the heart of many things we do; over the coming months we will be expanding some of our recycling projects.


We are looking for imaginative volunteers with a strong interest in recycling, nature and the environment.  We are also looking for helpful solutions, products and ideas that can be introduced to our area. Over the coming months we will be exploring various recycling systems and ideas.


Water is a vital source of wellbeing for everyone, so we are working to supply free drinking water, firstly in our park, and then throughout Harrow.

Our aim is to recycle thousands of litres or water off of the Metroline roof into containers that will be recirculated and used to maintain nature.


We will be building several sections around our park to aid nature and bugs, inspired through learning and to introduce new and exciting ideas.


As part of our creating tomorrow’s parks today mission, we will be using a gigabit leased line into the park which will enable us to use technology around the park in new and interesting ways. We are fortunate enough to have enough support from the local community, to allow us to extend this throughout the park.


Building materials:

We are always looking for building materials, if you can offer any materials, please contact us.


Our cross-platform shop sells goods online, via eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and additional platforms.

Do you have any small items you could recycle by donating?

We resell small goods

We take small items to sell online and use the proceeds to fund free community events, FREE drinking water and park projects to help nature.

We welcome any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items (such as earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones).  We can make use of unwanted banknotes – old and new, from the UK or foreign sources, including all the pre-Euro notes and coins that are now otherwise worthless. 


  • Outdoor furniture
  • Items for the Sensory Gardens
  • Items for Christmas events
  • Small benches
  • Medium size tables
  • Large games tables
  • Wood pallets
  • Rocks and gravel
  • Wood
  • Old or new railways sleepers
  • Wooden poles and fencing 
  • Outdoor garden nic naks and odd things
  • Garden ornaments
  • Fountain equipment
  • Sea shells
  • Books, 4G Routers & Repeaters
  • Gardening equipment

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