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Projects Running costs - This are ongoing non recoverable costs we incur, all help really appreciated:

Ongoing Maintenance  

It is our intention to create a maintenance program for the upkeep of the ground and work in partnership with Harrow Council.

Our goal is to create a trainee opportunity for a gardener who will be taught and trained in the gardening field. We expect this two year program will give this trainee a good starting point of general gardening knowledge.

There are many ways in which the aims of the group can be achieved and projects that are developed through interaction and time spent in the park, at local events, or just strolling around and speaking with people in the community.   Everyone is welcome to get involved and to help create an inclusive, safe and exciting space where we can all enjoy ourselves.

The aim is to create an open area that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group, to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.   By keeping the park in good order, we hope that less littering and graffiti will occur and park users will be encouraged to care for their space. 

Funds have already been raised from the community events held in 2018, from donations and from the welcome and generous support given by local supermarkets and businesses.

This are for non recoverable costs we incur:



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