The originals can see in Harrow Weald Recreation Ground from Sept 2019

The summer of 2019 saw Harrow Weald Recreation Ground Aka Boxtree park swing into colour with the first Art For Parks Sake event.

During the day 4 local artists set up an easel to encouraged children and adults to help create a set of 4 artworks. 

Artists created art, artists sold art

Locals turned the park into a living artwork, children painted pebbles.

Residents donated homemade cakes that look like artworks.

You can now buy limited edition prints of these artworks set on canvas ready for your wall.

All profits go towards projects.


Art For Park Canvas

Canvas Jungle scene

Print 1 - Roy created his jungle scene after Rousseau, ...


Humay Sitting in a Chair with Cat

Print 4 - Humay for his rendition of Picasso's Dora Marr ...


Lawrence for a fun pastiche

Print 2 - Lawrence for a fun pastiche of the mural at ...


Tammara bold Van Gogh's Starry Night

Print 3 - Tammara had plenty of attention for her big and ...


The Full Set - Art For Parks Sake 2019

The Complete set From Art For Parks Sake 2019.