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Lets Be Friends

We are a community group that love what we do and fully understand how hard it is to find funds for projects. Our plans works much better when we share.

Become a community group friend! We work towards helping parks to become happier for humans and bugs alike.

Generate small extra incomes for your group

    • Your group keep all profits
    • Easy to set up and we offer volunteer support if you need
    • We provide your group with free products to sell
    • Sell in autopilot:
    • Single products
    • Your own products
    • Supplied products
    • Sell membership
    • Sell gift cards  

Simple to set up and use:

    • We do not charge transaction fee’s
    • We are transparent with everything as friends should be
    • Together we can create!
    • Need help setting up, we have volunteers waiting to help

Got no products for sale?We are Friends and can offer your group several ways to generate extra income, we help you set it up and yopu KEEP all the income.

We will set everything up for you and do all the heavy lifting to get you started.

We are every day people like you, who want to make a difference, and believe parks are important.

The Friends
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