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Building tomorrows parks today!
Parks become smarter when residents, local community groups, religious organisations, businesses, Council staff, Local Government and Local Councillors come together to create a functioning support network around parks.
We welcome friends old and new.

Earn extra income with our charity

  • Want to work with nice people!
  • The Friends of Harrow Weald are a UK charity that are finding new way to generate income.
  • Do you want an opportunity to help and earn some extra income?

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  • Business to business marketing and advertising packages: 
  • We offer easy to sell great value UK wide highly localised marketing packages for businesses that want to support charity and increase their local footprint.
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Support your local park

Maybe you just prefer to support your local park, this is also very simple to set up. Once you nominate your local park all sales made through your tracking code will be sent directly to your local park.

  • Our core goal is creating tomorrows parks today!
  • Our core obstacles is yesterday’s thinking and lack of funding for parks!
  • Lets works together and see what great things we can do!
The Friends
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