Social marketing – Supporters edition

Social Marketing is a highly localised opportunity to support communities in YOUR local area

Get your brand or service seen on a micro local basis and let local residents know your business is PART of the local community.

We are able to offer you a bouquet of localised opportunities for a full 18 months to advertise and support communities in new and different ways.

We do this via our open source online community hubs map.

Gold sponsorship money is used to expand the community hub in your area and reach out to organisations.


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Read about our goals and our end game: We work towards creating carbon neutral, solar powered, plastic free smart parks, that are strengthened with a supporting hub of community groups that become stronger together by communicating and sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a knowledge bank, sharing technical skills with other community groups AND free drinking water for everyone. That is tomorrows parks today!

SAMPLE OF 3000 VISITORS NOV 2020 (all sites)

Online community hubs help parks and communities become smarter when residents, local community groups, religious organisations, businesses, Council staff, Local Government and Local Councillors come together to create a functioning support network around parks and then they can evolve into a vibrant self-funding community space for everyone to use and enjoy!

All money from advertising go towards building online community hubs as part of our open source project

What we offer:

    Community map: Postcode area you choose area (
    Main website: Position on our partner page (
    Guaranteed minimum 50 new community groups

Whats included:

    Multiple banner positions, unlimited impressions and clicks
    Inclusion on initial introduction email and on the base of all future emails in your area
    3 x Localised newsletter broadcasts
    Social media and your business links placed on every page base in your chosen
    1 x Surprise bonus

Note: Once you order, we will contact to set up your purchase. If you choose an area already started, you money will be used to grow that area, if no community hub in your area exists, your money is used to build a localised community hub with a guaranteed satisfaction for your spend.

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