Social Marketing Mini Mixed

Social Marketing is a highly localised opportunity to support communities in YOUR local area.

Get your brand or service seen on a micro local basis and let local residents know your business is PART of the local community.

Whats included:

  • Multiple banner positions
  • Email newsletter
  • Social media shots
  • Smart park listing upgraded and loaded with features

Local to your business or area:

  • Guaranteed good ROI
  • Use coupon code sma2021 for a wholesome 20% discount.


Use coupon code sma2021 for a wholesome 20% discount.

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  • Whats included

The Friends of Harrow Weald is a UK charity.

We believe parks should be carbon neutral, solar powered, plastic free parks, that are strengthened with a supporting hub of community groups, who become stronger together by communicating and sharing information and ideas, with free drinking water for everyone.

Your  business is seen supporting the community and seen as part of the community.

Note: Once you order, we will contact to set up your purchase.

What we offer:

  • Community map: Postcode area you choose area (
  • Main website: Position on our business friends page and run of site. (
  • Guaranteed minimum 250000 impressions seeing your details over various platforms
  • Smart park listing upgraded to a featured position. Your webpage is loaded with features, includes email contact forms, links to your social media and website and located around your postal code.

Social marketing mix bundle

Great ROI for your bsuiness and support charity at the same time.
£ 75
Guaranteed satisfaction with each order
  • Banners: Minimum 250000 impression
  • Banners: "multiple sizes"
  • Email newsletter x 1
  • Social media shots x 1 Facebook
  • Social media shots x 1 Instragram
  • Social media shots x 1 LinkedIn
  • Business listing + Located within our smartpark project
  • Business listing + Auto Renew or revert to free forever
  • Business listing + 1 Year Featured Position
  • Business listing + Advanced linking page features
  • Business listing + Links to your social media
  • Business listing + Access to widgets
  • Business listing + External search engine friendly pages
  • Business listing + Postal code locator
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Social Marketing Mini Mixed
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