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Install high quality easy read signage within the park with symbols and icons, for people whom both English is not their first language and people with learning disabilities or other literacy challenges where symbols can enhance independence.

To compliment the health walks around the park, marking 1k, 2k and 5k walks.

Making it accessible to all with ‘nature passports’ aimed at young people linked to the Nature scheme

The health walk routes are planned and the nature passports are developed.

This is an objective can be delivered in partnership with local business support.

Highlight the areas of parks in a clear, concise and fun ways, using easy speak signage 

PROJECT: WALKING PATHS - This should be planned at the same time as plans for updating the signs.

Walking paths can be allocated to implement 1k, 2k, 5k walks with integrated natural features, bug homes, places to stop and sit for the less stable.

It is a great idea to extend these walks by recording all benches and seats in the local area and places to stop, this will aid the creation of different interesting walking routes for variation and could incorporate local businesses.

Local business love participation by offering guaranteed toilet facilities, tea or beer stops and more.

This project will allow walkers to enjoy the grounds, and the less able people to know how far they can go with a break and find a seat and toilet if needed,

There are often walking groups in most areas, so these park paths should encourage many more people to walk around and interaction with each other and the local area.

THIS PROJECT: Designing and building several paths with distance specific help points.


Relaxing walks for health
Group walks
Staged walks for the less firm on their pins 


A mesh network is a collection of routers and repeaters that are bound together to create a wide area network for use around the grounds.

Once this network is complete it will allow locals to connect to some of the bird and bat box cameras and other wildlife related cameras that will be installed in the park.

Locals will be able to access these cameras to watch local wildlife.

This network will also allow us to move towards a completely digitised community group, which in turn will allow quick reporting, centralisation of paperwork and maintenance records helping everyone to see and read what is going on..

THIS PROJECT: Build a park wide Wifi network to facilitate wildlife watching online by the local community


Brings wildlife online for all locals
Allows reporting of problems to be recorded by anyone and instantly
Centralise our Paperwork & Maintenance records
Supporting future plans


Wildlife watch area

Using the Bugs, Birds and Bats as the starting point, The plan for a local area "WildLife Watch Area" is easy and can be expanded to any environment

The wellbeing of any area is improved if the local community, park and local Authorities work together, integrated into one space, using good old fashion ideas, innovative modern technology which brings all this together.

There are so many wildlife features and simple ideas to easily add to a park, the list is endless. 

This project is to create a wide area network, that will allow locals to see the wildlife in the park, we also have some other innovative and fun ideas to incorporate within.

A smart park is not really smart - it’s more about being smart in it’s uses for the community and local residents together.

Parks benefit from a strong community hub made up of supportive businesses, local community groups and residents


Smart Parks

Smart Parks

Parks turn negativity into positivity by providing an easy route for local residents and nature to create a happier tomorrow's parks today

From picking up litter whole communities starts to change

A smart park relies on an abundance of goodwill by residents who are eager to be part of the community they live in, and want to be involved with creating a happy place to live.
Is the result of being fed up with years of park neglect
A healthy interest in the local area where you live?

Parks have been at the bottom of the list when it comes to resources and money from Central or local Government. Often the park keepers are gone and parks are left neglected, turning into rat infested ruined space.

Is the tide turning? 
With more flats being built, Central and local Government have started to realise how much goodness local parks give.
Councils up and down the country are beginning to recognise this, yet unfortunately their vision and budgetary prowess does not always take into consideration the value of parks. 
Are local Council ideas for park the same as the residents that use the park or are they going to continue trying to fit a round object into a square hole, regardless of what local residents want? 
Tomorrows parks today are so so important for the good of communities
Residents are starting to realise the value of parks, but need to know how to create channels to start the flows of activities and income.
Parks should not be a profitable business, where possible services and events should be either free or "MATES RATES"
Buildings should NOT be allocated to minority groups at the exclusion of the larger community.
Residents need to be able to generate a small income to spend in their parks.
Building a strong community support hub around parks is important.



Smart park provide a unique opportunity for all parks and communities to become a vibrant self-funding space, with wellbeing for people and nature, education and financial sustainability running through everything, joining up the dots between people and nature, whilst reducing costs on the public purse.

Health and Well being activities 

Social inclusion 

Cleaning the local areas 

Fund raising for resources

Running events and activities 

Bringing different community groups together

Encourage and invite people not to be alone

Help organise Health and Wellbeing activities

Actively communicate social inclusion is important

Fun and happiness is important

Our own local park was a rat-infested no-go area and within 18 months, lots of goodwill from residents this same park was transformed.

Residents then came together and organised events, started several groups aimed at the wellbeing for our park, resident and the local area, things started to grow very quickly from there. Community groups have been around for years,however recently there has been a healthy explosion of new groups. 

In 2019
12+ group meetings
20 + planning meetings
50+ Event notices, risk assessments, licenses and elf and safety forms
100’s of phone calls and meetings with the Council
2 dog show judges
50 + meetings with other organisations for joint co-operation
52 litter picks including 6 Super Sundays with eggs and bacon
365 days of emptying bins and litter picking – nearly 2,000 bins!
365 days of gate locking and unlocking x 5 gates
100’s of posters put up around the park
Apple trees planted in our new orchard
70+ Health sessions including 52 Tai Chi sessions

Get involved helping nature and people is rewarding and satisfying.
Could your business become part of a community hub.
Are you part of a community group? Lets work together.
It's not your problem it's our problem!
The Friends of Harrow Weald are nothing more than a few locals that got together to start litter picking and TALKING!

Embracing many different values and ideas we all hold, together we started to plan how to update the ways the past addressed parks with solutions for today’s problems and issues.

As a group of residents, we have learnt to walk around, walk over and walk through any problems together,  and did not know each other 18 months ago.

Together we can do so much more!

The next comments are not meant as being contentious to anyone, the way things like crime, litter, park neglect have slipped into a place that’s unacceptable is not one organisations problem it’s all our problems 

Do you want a bloated council staff, more police and litter picking ticket maestros on the streets, easy to solve, pay more taxes! Or together we create new ways to transform little pockets of areas around the country starting with parks and open spaces.
Without reading this thinking like the mind of a hippy of the past, Nature is our key to well-being, parks can create so much happiness when they are also cared for, this billows waves of goodness beyond the park gates and into the local area, all because the flowers looked stunning.
The obvious

Do you want an expanded hospital service to supply drugs and counselling because life makes us all blue sometimes?
Or would you prefer to go to a local park, feel welcomed, enjoy the flowers, maybe have a cup of tea, chat with strangers, even do some gardening, the obvious question is which one is best for individuals and society as a whole.
Some of the problem’s we all face

Some problems remain a problem to us all, despite numerous calls to the right authorities before any action is taken, and then quite often under staff or lack of resources mean things never get done or responses are not quick enough.

We have developed some tricks to get things done quickly, however it’s best we all find ways to work together to the same goal.

Drug dealing problems

We all know once the police remove a drug dealer, by the time they get to the station for a well-earned cup of tea, another dealer has replaced them, leaving locals with the problem, smart parks offer a long term solution.
Litter & fly tipping

We all suffer problems of litter, whether it’s a selfish person or a business that does not take responsibility, annoys us all and is one of the highest singular reasons areas drop into rat infestation
Then your mind starts ignoring it as a eye saw, others see the litter and think well everyone else is dropping litter, finally a fly tip has appears. Smart parks offer a long-term solution.
Charity starts at home!
Part of our smart park goals is an open source mapping project.
Knowing that smart parks need a strong community hub to support them we are building the tools required for even the smallest community group to use for free.
These free tools will help community groups created community support hubs around their area.
The game of cat and mouse is costly and ongoing - 
Which side of the fence do you sit?

seeing value in community well being, versus the real cost of improving parks and open spaces, we see both as equally valid, smart parks present a new way of thinking.

Get involved helping nature and people is rewarding and satisfying.
Could your business become part of a community hub.
Are you part of a community group? Lets work together.

We welcome you to get involved.

PROJECTS RUNNING COSTS - This are ongoing non recoverable costs we all incur.


A good maintenance program for the upkeep of any ground and work should start in partnership with Local Council, We do not clash with the Councils statutory obligations..


The goal is to create trainee opportunities for gardeners and other skills needed around the park who will be taught and trained in the field. We expect this two year program will give this trainee a good starting point of general gardening knowledge.


Everyone should be welcome to get involved and to help create an inclusive, safe and exciting space where we can all enjoy the fruits of nature.

The aim is to create an open area that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group, to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.


By keeping the park in good order over and above the Councils statutory duties, will often result in less littering, anti social behaviour and graffiti will occur and park users will be encouraged to care for their space in the longer term.


creating a simple pergola and tunnel, where people can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and cake, or whatever other item they have might appeal, surrounded by the scent of the flowers and shaded from the sun.

This project about designing peaceful areas with a central games table, surrounded by living walls adorned with carefully selected flowers.

This will be a place where people can join together to play games like Backgammon, Chess or Draughts, read or just relax and watch the world go around.

This project: Designing and building a Pergola, with an integrated tunnel covered with vines and flowers.


Installation of bird and bat boxes are a great edition to any space, but why not install bat and bird boxes with online facilities, allowing locals to view their activities.

Bird & Bat walks often prove to be a hit with those who attended local events, and we are sure that many more families and individuals will enjoy watching the activities of these intriguing flying mammals. In addition, the great variety of birdlife that can be seen in the area will be highlighted for everyone to log in and see.

Each bat and bird box will be securely located with live feed cameras offering potentially great footage.

This is an exciting addition to the park and will help the community to understand more about the wildlife around us.

The existence of the boxes should also help local wildlife and give young people, particularly, an ideal opportunity to learn about and enjoy the wildlife around them, in a non-intrusive way.


Help wildlife
increase critter presence
Enjoy the wildlife in a non-intrusive way
Engage locals and young people to get involved

The stage was fully funded by donations and grants

This area now offers a wide range of access to new entertainment 

There is always a list of people wanting to use the stage

Community enthusiasm come naturally.


The sensory gardens will be adapted to a wide variety of users, incorporate hardscaped elements such as benches, paths, rocks, water fountains, bird feeders and garden art into the sensory space for an added effect.


Stimulate the senses
Engage in touching and feeling
A place to relax and enjoy flowers and the wildlife
Herb area
Attraction of birds and wildlife
Gardening for toddlers
A space to learn and teach about horticulture

This is an exciting addition to the park and will allow the community to enjoy the scent of the specially chosen plants, to feel textures and experience sounds that will be built in to the garden area, as well as providing a relaxing area in which to enjoy and learn about plants and wildlife.

Chimes for soundscapes

Shade is vital for a sensory garden and trees must be part of the design. Everything must be touchable.

Rosemary, Fennel, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Water Mint, Meadowsweet, Curry Plant Sweet Vernal Grass, Sweet Woodfuffe, Wild Garlic, Sweet Violet, Lords and Ladies, Cape Jasmine (Gardenia), Wormwood. Scots Pine.

Greater Mullein, Love –lies – Bleeding, Stachys Silver Carpet, Giant Horsetail, Wheat, Tufted Hair Grass, Wild Oat, Obedient Plant vivid, Moss, Elm.

Magnolia, Roses, Plumeria, Water Lillies, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Bird of Paradise.

Pine trees or any tree exposed to the wind. Chimes,

Exploding seed pods Ecballium elaterium.

A compost heap should be part of the sensory garden. It has great texture and smell and is full of life. As leaves rot they become skeletonized and become fascinating objects.

Also a log pile with different bark and textures.


Creation of a landscaped area around the Gate. installed a Rose or Wiseria covered pergola, create high and low level planting areas and grow the gardening crew


Peaceful to relax

enjoy watching the nature flourish

chat with strangers

Please to sit and meet friends



Parks make the best community spaces for all residents and local community groups.

We work towards creating smart parks, that are strengthened with a supporting community hub of local businesses, groups and the local authority to become stronger together by sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a knowledge bank, and sharing technical skills.


Smart parks provide a unique opportunity for all parks and communities to become a vibrant self-funding space, with wellbeing for people and nature, education and financial sustainability running through everything. 

Community hubs help build and improve communication between community groups, businesses, local organisations and the local authorities to become stronger together, sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a knowledge bank, and technical skills.

Our charity joins up the dots between people, nature and the well being for all involved.

Health and well being

Social isolation

Community cohesion

Fauna and flora



Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Having fun and relaxing with the locals in parks.


To treat all people equally, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said people and the local authority, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time with the objective of being part of a happier area for all and the social advantages of the same.

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