Welcome - ParkLife Café  is run by a small full time team and our community of volunteers, liberally sprinkled with kindness and nice natured people,  a place where you can chat and relax with others, while enjoying tasty fresh food and a variety of drinks at community prices.

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Profits from our online acivities and ParkLife cafe help fund our community park ambitions - Starting in the second quarter of 2022, The Friends of Haarow weald will be funding our park group with £500pcm to help improve our park and local area. This is on top of park and community projects we are currently undertaking.  

Within this glorious and tiniest of buildings, there is cafe style diner type of restaurant halls, with small meeting rooms, peaceful areas, small table games indoors and great outdoor community games tables (coming soon), a small library and a community feel.

ParkLife cafe provides us with a unique opportunity for our park to become a vibrant self-funding space, with wellbeing for people and nature, education and financial sustainability running through everything.


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Located in the tiny tiny building on the Edge of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, it is the smallest building ever, which brims with positivity, kind people and run by a dedicated crew we all refer to as the friends. 

Recycling, wellbeing for humans and bugs alike, is at the core of everything we do

Our recycling policy is different in the way we supply and receive each product to different organisations, ultimately recycling more than 80% of everything.

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We are pleased to announce with the help of our volunteers and Café team, who together created our amazingly connected recycling and reuse food and waste policy. Well done to all involved ParkLife Café has been awarded a 5 star food rating.



"We are not a commercial business, we are a community group where everything is community motivated.

We welcome everyone especially nice people"