Smart parks

A smart park is not really smart it’s more about being smart in it’s uses for the community and local residents together.  Parks benefit from a strong community hub made up of supportive businesses, local community groups and residents.

Communities working together turn negativity into positivity. 

Parks can provide a unique opportunity for various user groups and communities to become a vibrant self-funding space, with wellbeing for people and nature, education and financial sustainability running through everything.

We work towards creating tomorrow's parks today for the good of all stakeholders including nature, residents and local business. 

The ‘What - Where – Why – Who – How’


Make parks and local areas a clean and happy place to be with residents involvement.

Wellbeing community projects

Provide an inclusive place for socialising within the community

Provide opportunities for health and happiness

Protect the local nature and provide fun and educational experiences

Working towards the parks for tomorrow, today


Around parks and local areas of course!


We want the same as everyone!

We do it because we care about the community and we want it to be the best it can be.

We want it to be clean and look better…

We want people to come together and embrace the community atmosphere…

We want no one, particularly those on our doorstep, to feel alone or isolated.


By bringing residents, community groups, local businesses and local authorities together for the good of all involved.

We believe all parks should provide the following +

  • Carbon neutral spaces

  • Offering free drinking water

  • Is litter clean

  • Plastic free

  • Hassle free

  • Bug and Wildlife happy

  • Active interesting and engaging community projects ongoing

  • Then added with twists of resident’s ideas makes a happy place A local place to chill with you family and neighbours

  • And free Wifi for everyone!

This is only possible with a supportive community hub

Community hubs help support local park groups by building and improve communication between:

  • Community groups

  • Businesses

  • Local organisations

  • Local authorities 

Nothing we do would happen without your support.

Whether you donate time and volunteer, provide supplies, local business involvement, or money donations, together they all make what we do possible.

Together we are creating tomorrow’s parks today!

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Local business! "Get your business seen in the community as part of the community!"

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