Do you have products left over from a show or promotion, imperfect stock, maybe your warehouse needs to free up space, we might be able to help.

A community way to donate 

Instead of leaving this stock idle or making a stock donation at cost, we can help you in a tax efficient transparent way by increasing the value of stock donation for tax purposes.  

You will receive the price achieved in a 100% transparent way and once sold receive a cash donation certificate for your accounts.

We pay your donation directly to anyone of the 170000 in the UK you choose to support.

Increase the value of your stock donation with a cash donation certificate.

No matter who you are or what type of business you run, in terms of business, there are some extra advantages to giving to charity through your company that you’ll miss out on by just donating directly.

  • Money
  • Equipment or trading stock (items it makes or sells)
  • Land, property or shares in another company (shares in your own company don’t qualify)
  • Employees (on secondment)
  • Sponsorship payments

When you donate as a company, you are able to claim tax relief.

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