Friends Of Harrow Weald

The Friends group was started in Sept 2017 with a goal to improve and tidy up a rat-infested no-go area known as Harrow Weald Recreation Ground also know as Boxtree Park.

Soon this small group started to make a difference to the park, by cleaning the park of rubbish, regular litter picking, reduced fly tipping  and general maintenance, this difference quickly got noticed in surrounding areas in more ways than originally intended or planned, and the friends group grew.

Community Conversations, strolling around the park with complete strangers picking up lazy peoples rubbish, is strangely satifying time well spent, everything we do is about being nice and sharing, and all projects are aimed at the heart of our parks, local community and local areas well being.   

We operate with a can do attitude to everything, we don’t blame others for our area, we find solutions and where possible we try to reduce any public costs with sensible research, conversations and action, this has resulted in many areas of the park changing for the good of all.

After a few months the friends thought “what a nice space!” Let’s have a picnic in the park for the royal wedding!

This was agreed, so we called the Council and they said as stakeholders why don’t you use the old green shed to store your stuff, and then a whole new level of healthy community interactions came about.

The locals worked together to clean the hut and organised the first event, conversations with the Council were easy, and plans were made for our first event, which went very well and was enjoyed by many.

By now the larger community were becoming interested in the friends, and this started a talking community for the good of all, with regular meetings, plans laid and actioned by many people and numerous ideas for improvements and local projects set us into a different direction. and our first year was suddenly concluded.

To make 2019 even better a call was made to Harrow Council asking to assist us more permanent building within OUR/YOUR park boundaries for public use.


The new Space is due to be completed by early to mid-2019 and is a massive boost to all local residents, we welcome, people of all persuasion and all walks of life. we welcome anyone or everyone who believes they have something nice inside them somewhere.

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What we do is healthy, rewarding and fun, we are positive, proactive and respectful to all 



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Did you know? - We work in partnership with local groups, if you have any ideas you would like to explore with us regarding community focused ideas. Please contact us.


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We are an all inclusive group. If there is any way we can help you please let us know.


We thrive on goodwill and volunteers, alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

Whats On

The Friends run and organise a variety of Local community events. See our plans for the next year.


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