Metroline living wall

Metroline living wall

Refreshingly healthy for everyone. No Fauna & Flora, bugs or wildlife will be harmed in the making of this wall. Happiness is included.

Living wall overview
The living wall needs you!

The living wall needs you!

Do you care about wellbeing, nature and community? Can you offer some help and imagination?.



Without individuals, community and business supporters coming together, the living wall would never have become a live idea.

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Metroline living wall project

This project covers the boundary between Harrow Weald Bus Garage and Harrow Weald Recreation ground Aka Boxtreepark.

The Metroline living wall is a unique convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 

Once complete it will transform a section of the park into a living wall with a high speed industrial strength internet connection to play with %-). 

Recycling, technology and Education meet.

Using solar power, technology and recycled water will help living wall through the seasons.

 Phase one has now been completed: 

 Metro numbered

Project Highlights

  • Recycling of 1000’s litres of rainwater for wellbeing of humans and bugs alike
  • Intergarted Art Gallery supporting a varity of arts
  • Safe places for carers to have a coffee whilst their charges can explore.
  • Wildlife pond
  • Wildlife plant patch
  • 1 x Competition launch pad (To attract one single speciies of butterfly long since seen in this area 3 year project)
  • Feature walls
  • I gigabit broadband to bring education and interesting technology entwined with nature and fun
  • Peace garden
  • A bug wildlife centre with technology and education


This water will then be used to create water features, and a pumping system to feed the wall, and hope to use some of the recycled water in ParkLife cafe's toilets. 


Metro art04


The Metroline living wall – with many twists and unexpected elements.

Core Partners, advisors and supporters

  • Metroline
  • Harrow Council
  • RHS
  • BT
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Harrow Nature Heros
  • With support from many other organisations (Supporters page)

 Fun Aspects

With the installation of the bug centre and pond we hope to attract one single bug, not seen here for years but indigenous to our area. We expect and hope to see the first appearance within 3 years of completion.


Partners and volunteers.

To achieve our aim we need the help of:

  • Builders and carpenters
  • People with a good knowledge of IT  - a whole host of disciplines will be used.  (We will have a gigabit connection to play with!)
  • Nature & Biodiversity people   
  • Reusable energy sources
  •        We also need supplies of useful building material

The goal:

To create some interesting live and interactive experiences for children of all ages (2 - 102), as well as placing  a special emphasis on people with ADHD, dementia sufferers and their carers, and people who want to meet other locals.


This project is part of our creating tomorrow's parks today goals.

The living wall will include seating and areas to relax in.

We will be including many interesting and different features that locals have highlighted as part of the Wildlife Watch Area Project

Updates will be added regularly.  To keep up to date, get our newsletter.


Nothing we do would happen without your support.

Whether you offer some time, or volunteer regularly, provide supplies, provide local business support, or money donations, together they all make what we do possible.

Together we are creating tomorrow’s parks today! 


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Local business!

Social marketing offers a great way to support local communities whilst providing your business with a host of marketing benefits

"Get your business seen in the community as part of the community!"

The Fauna & Flora, bugs and goodness in the pictures

will not be harmed in the making of this wall

Core Partners

When the living wall was first mooted it was interesting to hear the different interpretations that people had of what a living was, is or should be.

Imagination was the first item to influence the different ideas that were thrown into the hat for discussion, with location, which brought forward some interesting thoughts, being a major second factor.

Life experiences also became a strong element and, of course, nature was always a major element to consider

The plans became quite different when the fabric of life started to work.

Enthusiasm, commitment, and help started to join up the dots and amazing things began to happen.



Thank you
Without our amazing volunteers, everything would be a lot slower and lack the amazing imagination that's been included in every section.
Metroline PLC

Metroline PLC

thank you
Metroline is a business and our neighbours. Their support for this project helps bring some invigorating and inspiring aspects the whole project.
Harrow Council

Harrow Council

Thank you
Have you ever dealt with the local authorities? Sprinkled with some nice, kind people and then the others. HOWEVER we found the kind ones.