Volunteers Wanted

Volunteering - The Healthy Option

"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."

The volunteers are friends you have not yet met, but they are the people you recognise from around your local area, this is a great way to meet your local community through helping out at YOUR local community events..

It is difficult if not impossible to estimate how important volunteers are in life, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Volunteering in not arduous, stressful or a worry, it does not even require you to get involved, our basic expectations from volunteers is to be able to lift a cup of tea.

We are a group of people that formed in Sept 2017 and after a few start up hick ups by April 2018 the friends have hit the ground running, with the help of many different factions including a strong local community, Local Businesses and Harrow Council.

In May the Friends received the keys to what was known as the caretakers shed, The Friends together cleaned it, organised it and turned it into party central with the view to expand further.


Becoming an Volunteer

You don’t need to become a member to help.

  • Help shape the use of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground.
  • Younger members are encouraged to get involved to enable the old people to embrace your ideas which is all of our future.
  • Got an idea for the Grounds, it can be done if reasonable and possible
  • What goes around comes around Volunteering can help you in so many ways.
  • Students: If you provide us any graphics or work you can be attributed for your portfolio.
  • Heads in sheds coming soon

Membership gives you:

All monies received goes to the central fund for Harrow Weald Recreation Ground. You do not need to be a member to help and get involved.

  • Voting Rights.
  • Group leadership.
  • Members newsletters.
  • Ability to help shape the future direction of The Friends.

Salary and Job Outlook

There is no salary, however the outlook for volunteering is inner happiness, health and smiles resulting in more fresh air, meeting your neighbours and a better community allround.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali.

Ongoing Projects

There are many different areas we need help, members are set up into groups for organisation, but you can help in any or all areas that take your interest.

  • Litter Pickers.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Helping organise events.
  • Admin for members and form filling tasks.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Local community liaison person to help connect up other local groups

Web based team members

The Friends need help in various elements of our online presence and as such this is a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge or learn something new.

  • Website - knowledge of php/sysql/server < We can teach you
  • Graphics we are llooking for someone who has an eye for pictures and the ability to digitise.
  • Editor article writers.
  • Knowledgeable Social media person.

Job Outlook and Salary

There is no salary, however the outlook for volunteering is inner happiness, health and smiles resulting in more fresh air, meeting your neighbours and a better community all round..

We all have our own ideas how things should be done, and in truth so long as things get done who cares how, the point is we all have different ideas and if you feel there is something we missed or could improve please tell us.


We have plans to develop skills of younger people and the community, being a volunteer helps you learn new skills.

  • Embrace ideas from local youths.
  • Foster well being of people who spend time in isolation for no fault of there own.
  • creating a safe enviroment for the community around our space.
  • reducing Harrow Councils costs whilst retaining the much needed income.

You do not need to join or volunteer! - Please walk through Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, feel the atmosphere and look around at how clean it is.