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Boxtree Park

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Boxtree Projects

Boxtree Projects

Come and laugh and have fun with The Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Grounds Aka Boxtree Park

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Walking Paths

PROJECT: WALKING PATHS- This should be planned at the same time as plans for updating the signs.

Walking paths can be allocated to implement 1k, 2k, 5k walks with integrated natural features, bug homes, places to stop and sit for the less stable.

It is a great idea to extend these walks by recording all benches and seats in the local area and places to stop, this will aid the creation of different interesting walking routes for variation and could incorporate local businesses.

Local business love participation by offering guaranteed toilet facilities, tea or beer stops and more.

This project will allow walkers to enjoy the grounds, and the less able people to know how far they can go with a break and find a seat and toilet if needed,

There are often walking groups in most areas, so these park paths should encourage many more people to walk around and interaction with each other and the local area.

THIS PROJECT: Designing and building several paths with distance specific help points.


Relaxing walks for health
Group walks
Staged walks for the less firm on their pins