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From 02.03.2021 until 30.04.2022
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You may have taken part in the tree planting day we held in the park a couple of years ago. Out of the 220 trees we planted only around 10-15% survived. Although this is not unusual but we want to do better! 
So we have decided to try another approach.
We plan to plant half of the saplings that we have, in the park and invite YOU to adopt some trees, pot them up and grow them up and grow them for approximately 18 months to 2 years.
We will put a plaque on the tree when it's planted in the park with your name.
Send in pictures of your tree and best picture wins
Full adoption certificate available showing your are a nature hero
These trees will need to be kept watered and weed free in a quiet corner of your garden or outdoor space, until we reclaim them and plant them out. Some garden feed added from time to time will help to give you the pleasure of seeing the saplings grow stronger and more mature, until the time when your tree is available for all to see, with your name displayed on it.
Win prizes - As well as having the pleasure of growing your tree, you will also have the opportunity to win a prize in our competition. We would love to see photographs taken during the time that you are looking after the saplings. It might be that you enjoy sitting chatting and chatting to your adopted tree. Or perhaps you feel it might benefit from some decoration. Share these moments with the Friends community and add your photos to the gallery on our website. Prizes will be given for the best pictures.  
If you would like to help please fill in the details below and we will deliver the 10 saplings to your door.  (Harrow area only) 
You will need to use 6 inch pots initially and increase the size to approximately 18 inch pots to prevent the trees.  Loose garden soil from your gardens will be quite adequate for potting the saplings.. 
We very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you, very much, in advance for your support.
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Growing a forest from home

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