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Quiz Night Details

Quiz Night - Online with social distancing community meal

Starting on 10.10.2020 19:00

Quiz night 10-10-2020 7PM on Zoom

With or without socially distance community meal - Food is local to Harrow Weald and surrounding area only

The quiz is free to join

If you would like to order a meal please let Lorna know: Telephone: 07787 502 146 (To book only)

£6 for the meal and quiz (The quiz is online - not the meal %-)

The socially distance meal is delivered to your house in the afternoon

The meals come with main mains, dessert, treats and a small drink and each quiz we shake up the meal which ranges from Spanish, Italian, Mexican, good olde fashion English fair.

We are looking for more guest chefs - If you are interested in creating a community meal please let us know.

This week’s meal is

This week’s menu is being prepared for you by our guest chef, Danny and his wife, Marissa, is making the dessert. It is Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with home made Nokedli (Hungarian pasta) and roast vegetables. The vegetarian option is Mushroom Paprikash. Marissa’s delicious dessert (plus extra treats) will be a surprise!

The cost is £6 pp.

The quiz night is hosted by our new and very entertaining resident quizmaster. 

PAY £6 for meal here


Quiz Night MEAL