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Why get involved

Local community groups, businesses and local residents become stronger together, sharing information, building awareness, knowledge, ideas, and technical skills.


To understand what we are doing is to understand the reason we started.

Our own local park was a rat-infested no-go area and within 18 months, lots of goodwill from residents, this same park was transformed.

Residents then came together and organised events, started several groups aimed at the wellbeing of our park and local area, things started to grow very quickly from there.

Does everything really need to be a battle. 

Parks should be run in partnership with everyone on the same page, the Local Council, businesses and residents benefit whether they get involved or not. 

Why together we can do so much is important

I'm all right jack -

The Friends recently battled with a global food retailer about litter.

We were fortunate enough to be provided with a local agreement to clean their litter twice a day and record the same.

Which was very good for us, however we are called the Friends so it would not very friendly to not help other areas eliminate the same problem and want  this level of litter picker agreement borough wide if not nationally, they laughed at us..........

What do you think would have happened if 1000 park community groups demanded they collect their litter?

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The three main areas we operate

1. Creating smart parks for the good of all 

2. Help community groups and partners to grow a strong supporting community hub around their park.

3. Build an open source collection of online tools for help community partners, grow and work together to organise and resolve systematic problems we all face, like litter, funds for parks and uplifting areas for the good of people and and natures wellbeing.