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We are the friends you have not met yet, read about our mission and how what we do is healthy

Smart parks

Residents, business and community groups creating a cartwheel of cooperation.

Community groups

We would like to offer free services and online tools to help your community group.

Wildlife watch area

Using the Bugs, Birds and Bats as the starting point, The plan for a local area "WildLife Watch Area" is easy and can be expanded to any environment

The wellbeing of any area is improved if the local community, park and local Authorities work together, integrated into one space, using good old fashion ideas, innovative modern technology which brings all this together.

There are so many wildlife features and simple ideas to easily add to a park, the list is endless. 

This project is to create a wide area network, that will allow locals to see the wildlife in the park, we also have some other innovative and fun ideas to incorporate within.


We send out whatson, special offers, updates on projects and actions.

Whats on

You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!