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Conventional advertising V Social marketing

Social marketing provides your business with a unique chance to advertise to a localised audience both online and offline.

Advertising and supporting local community groups offers your business a visible way to let residents know your business is PART of the community and provides your brand or service with a unique opportunity to be seen online and offline supporting local communities. 


The value of supporting community groups

Some businesses supply:

Goods to sell

Sponsor events

Donate tools

Provide raffle prizes

Corporations have provided tools and staff for specific projects

Some people and businesses support our projects financially.

There are so many ways we could work together

Your business and the community will benefit from working together

Bringing wellbeing to people and nature equally.

Social media and online reach example



Offline opportunities to reach local communities reach in 2019 (1 X Group)

Group meetings

Planning meetings

50 + Events

Dog show judges

Meetings with other organisations for joint co-operation

Litter picks including  Super Sundays with eggs and bacon

365 days of emptying bins and litter picking – nearly 2,000 bins wearing sponsored Hi Vis

Gate locking and unlocking x 5 gates

Posters put up around the park

Apple trees planted in our new orchard

Health sessions


Online opportunities to reach locals





Community Action groups

Local news coverage 

Local awareness and marketing activities 





Online and offline community advertising

Advertising with community groups provides your brand or service with a unique opportunity to be seen online and offline supporting local communities

Local advertising with local reach on several platforms.

Our low prices are an economical way to get your message across, and highly visible within the community.

Could your business contribute to a healthy, green and sustainable community and help uplift surrounding areas?

All proceeds go towards community goals.

Local advertising to local communities, Get your message across locally. 




We send out whatson, special offers, updates on projects and actions.

Whats on

You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!