Random Acts of Kindness 

WHY DONATE £5 or £700

By donating just £5 towards Random Acts Of Kindness you will experience a deep reaching sense of inner happiness for you the Giver and the Recipient.

Inner happiness is one of the best ingredients to wellbeing, so we suggest making a kind donation of just £5 towards a good gesture, is like buying a small portion of happiness and wellbeing that keeps giving, without having to go out to the health shop.



 £5 –  Supports Random kind Acts

£10 –  Supports More Random Acts

£15 –  Towards creating future Random Acts

£20 –  Random Acts directed at the wildlife

£50 –  Nearly making everyone cry level of Kindest

£100 – Towards wildlife education

£500 -  Helps towards those extra things that make everything easier/nicer.

£750 – Towards our larger planned Random Acts of Kindness.