"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless" - Parks offer a rich history and various assets that could be used for public good, and with enough goodwill parks can build great community spaces.

Whatever your idea of volunteering looks like, I’m sure we have something to suit you! Something that will help us in our aim to keep the local community at its best.

Some volunteers work with us as a one off to help at an event, others are taking part in or running activities weekly.

Our volunteers are often people you recognise from the local area…but they are also just friends you have not met yet…

Helping out at YOUR local park or at community events is a great way to meet members of the local community.

We would love you to join as a volunteer.

We know life and free time is different for everyone, so whether you want to join a weekly gardening crew or help out on an ad hoc basis at local events…both are fine with us!

It’s easy to get involved, a great way to meet other locals, and everything you do is working to make the community a better, happier and safer place for all.

BECOMING A VOLUNTEER – Come to our meeting (ALL WELCOME) to see how you can get involved or receive our volunteers email updates.

CAN'T MAKE THE NEXT MEETING? - Fill in the form below and we will get in touch

YOUNGER MEMBERS are encouraged to get involved, to enable the local residents from across the generations to embrace all of our ideas, and to shape the future for us all!

Please complete the form below with your details and tick your areas of interest, we will contact you back asap.

Maybe you would prefer to call:

1. Lorna is our backbone and can be contacted on 07787502146
2. The motley crews general number 07749155711

Please let us know your name.

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Support Friends Activities, Carrying Out Park Maintenance, Joining the Litter Picking Crew, Recording & monitoring Wildlife Join the Biodiversity Crew, Gate Lockers, Biodiversity - Gardening, Healthy Harrow Weald Group, Crime or Antisocial, Event Organisers Group, History Harrow Weald.

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Project Lead, Office Admin, Web research, Crime or Antisocial, History Harrow Weald, Local Businesses Group, Admin Group, Publicity Team, Membership / Volunteer admin

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If you have a specific skill you'd like to share with us, let us know what you can do.

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There are always many things that can be improved locally, from wellbeing to resolving local issues or personal problems, when you have the correct information, it's easier. Change the flow of information to create transparency.

Learn and Share

Php, CSS, Graphics, Api’s, Databases, Mysql, Geotargeting, Writers, Tweakers, People with isms for getting things correct, Opensource projects, Linux, Networking, Load balancing, Social Media, Affiliates, Interpreters.

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We can only win together.

We do not have any big corporate donors.

We only have each other.

There is only one way we win and transform parks – and that is together.